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Re-wear BM dress?

The post below that said, and I'm paraphrasing "No really.....this dress can be worn again!" got me to thinking.

Has anyone here, anyone, ever had a BM dress that they've worn again, either short, long, or cut off to wear?  I don't mean a LBD or an off the rack dress from Macy's, but a real honest to God BM dress from DB or Alfred Angelo or another designer/store?

Everyone says it, but I've never known anyone who actually does wear the dress again.
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Re: Re-wear BM dress?

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    Bought one from DB for a friend's wedding and actually thought I would (2 piece mix and match) use the top for a NYE top or something since it was platinum but it never happened.
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    LD1970LD1970 member
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    Yup.  Several.
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    I've never been a BM, but there are some really cute dresses at DB that I would wear again.
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    No, I've only been in two weddings and both dresses were very much bm dresses, but I was fine with that. I did like the dresses since the bride in each wedding let us pick, but only for the wedding, not for anything else.

    H's cousin went with bm dresses from J. Crew for her wedding and if I was one of the bms I think I would wear that dress again.
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    Nope.  I was in about 6 weddings so far and have never worn those dresses again.
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    Nope.  Both are actually re-wearable, but when a wedding comes along, I get really excited to go buy a new dress instead of rewearing one from another wedding.
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    One, when I was a junior bm when I was 12.  That was 16 years ago...vastly different styles.

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    Nope.  Only the one you don't count because I got to choose my own and got it at Dillards.  
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    Nope.  I don't mind buying a dress for a single occasion like a wedding.  I would probably do the same as a guest.  My problem is if I have no say in the price or the style.  
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    I was only a BM once. And it was the infamous "Orange Horror" for BSC friend (Who insisted we could cut it and wear it again).

    We all know I never wore that hideous thing again.

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    I've never been a bm, but 3 of my bm have worn their dress again (I have pictures to prove it!), 1 says she really likes the dress and is hoping to wear it again, and I think the other two have sold theirs.
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    I rewore my bridesmaid dress from my sister's wedding as the guest book attendant for my friend's wedding, just with a different sash.  I still have all of my dresses from my high school dances in my costume box, so the bridesmaid dress will probably join them.

    My girls did the LBD thing, so hopefully they actually will have a chance to wear them again.  (One actually wore something she already owned!)
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    tldhtldh member
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    The dresses for my brother's wedding were navy blue satin a line dresses with a thin champagne ribbon and small off center bow just under the bust line.

    After the wedding, I took it to a seamstress and had it cut down to cocktail length.  It's a gorgeous dress that I get a lot of compliments on.
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    I've only been in one wedding and I have never and would never wear it again. My friend tried to say how I could wear it again, it's so great! blah blah blah.

    When the hell am I ever going to wear that turquoise Alfred Angelo gown again? At what event could I possibly wear this to? Her wedding was about two years ago. Not only have I gained weight since then, I haven't been to any special events since her wedding. And even if I had been, why would I wear such a fancy dress to it?
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    I have never worn a bm dress again even when I got to pick out the dress. If a bride is interested in having her bms potentially wear them again, she needs to let them pick them out, but also consider the color and fabric choice. Because of that second part, I can't wear my bm dress. I HATE chocolate brown or any color of brown....guess what color the dress is?

    It infuritates me when a bride tells the bms "If you shorten it, you can wear it again." I figure the reason why they say it is because they honestly feel a little bad that they forced their friends to buy a shiitty dress. This is exactly why I never uttered those words.

    I am happy to say that 3 out of 4 of my bms have worn their dresses again....and they were Jim Hjelm dresses, black tafetta, and they picked them out themselves.
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    Yes I have many times :o)

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    Yes, kinda...
    1st- My little sister wore one that I had from a wedding that was actually cancelled 10 days before (and never worn but not returnable) from DB to her Sorority Formal.  Really cute and got lots of compliments.

    2nd-DB has a new cotton-ish more casual line, and I actually bought a short one in a unique color to wear as a guest to a wedding this past month at a Country Club.

    3rd- I keep all the other really formal ones in our costume trunk for Halloween and dress up... throw on a sash and tiara and they make great "miss america/beauty queen" costumes for my nieces for theme parties.  :-)

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    I bought a black satin DB dress to wear in one of my best friend's weddings.  It look like crap on me.  A few months later a good friend of mine was asking if any of us had a LBD she could borrow for her grandparents' anniversary party.  I showed her the dress, she put it on and it fit her like a dream.  Because I knew I'd never wear it again, I just gave it to her outright.  She's worn it at least five times since then and she loves it!  When it came time to pick BM dresses for my wedding, she bought the same dress in red, because as she said "I know it looks good on me and I'll wear it over and over again."  So I guess that one was a winner for someone!

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    Nope, I only re-wore a BM dress that I bought off the rack at Macys.  One of my BMs already wore the BM dress for my upcoming wedding  to another wedding- and may wear it again to another before the wedding.  God, I hope David's Bridals makes a durable dress :)
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    As a bride, I refused to say that my BMs could wear the dress again - I mean if they want to then great, but let's be honest about the fact that they're most likely just buying a one-use dress as a favor to me.

    That said, I've only been in a wedding as a jr. BM when I was 12, and I did wear that dress again (to my school's father-daughter formal the next year). But I distinctly remember keeping it and considering it for something like winter formal a couple years later and deciding that it was "too bridesmaid-y".
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    Yep, I wore my dress from my sister's wedding to my senior prom.
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    I've reused dresses for sorority banquet (that's pretty common as the youngest sisters often re-wear their prom dresses).  Once I was no longer in my early 20s I secretly hated when my friends put me in BM dresses that looked like prom dresses, and picked colors that looked awful on me.  Needless to say the local charity that collects dresses for prom in the inner city schools has gotten several from me!   But it's proper BM etiquette to let the bride do whatever she wants.  I found this to be a pain because I genuinely wanted something my BMs liked and could re-wear, and they kept saying "It's your wedding we will wear whatever you want".  I did take all 4 dress shopping and we picked out the dress together, so hopefully they will re-wear it, it's something I would re-wear.
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    Cat24Cat24 member
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    Patineuse I would totally have that hemmed at the knee and wear it again....sooo pretty
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