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MOH is MIA (kind of long, sorry.)

So, recently, my MOH has been very unreachable. She won't respond to any of my texts or facebook messages. I really need to get a hold of her so we can start talking about the bridal shower, that might have to be set for a sooner date, rather than later, because FI and I are thinking about moving back to Austin when we get our tax returns. I want to have the bridal shower before we leave so that I don't have to ask for time off from work to come back down to the city we are currently in before the wedding. I also need to talk to her about getting her younger sister fitted for her junior bridesmaid dress, and having the dress ordered. the color is being discontinued, and the sized for the dress are limited, and she knows this, but still won't respond whenever I ask her about it.

I have another BM that has helped me out more than my MOH has in the wedding planning process. She's throwing me a 2nd shower in Austin which isn't til April, and she's already started planning it. She's also travelling down to the town i'm living in to go to a bridal show with me. I feel like she's being more of a MOH than the one i've asked.

I know I can't replace my MOH, and I don't have any intentions of doing so, but I just wish I could get a hold of her! These are some pretty important things that we need to discuss, because both of them are time constricted. I feel like I'm going to have to throw my own shower, and that's not what is supposed to happen at all.

any advice, ladies?
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