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How do I include her? (Long sorry)

When my FI and I decided to get married I really didn't want the wedding again (we have both been married before) but he talked me into a small (50 people) wedding. Since it wasn't going to be a big wedding the only wedding party we're going to have is my two teenage daughters (bridemaids), his brother (best man), and he wanted his 4 year old great-niece to be flower girl.

Please before anyone says four is to young, I know it is. FI just REALLY wanted her to do this. Her grandfather is actually going to hold her and the basket and if no petals hit the floor it doesn't matter to me. She is going to sit with her grandfather and her mother (who have reseved front seats) during the ceremony. Do to money troubles her mom couldn't pay for her dress and shoes so we said we were willing to spend X amount of dollars and we didn't care what kind of dress it was as long as it was in our colors and white shoes. Actually, I told her mother to get a nice spring or summer dress so she could wear it more than this once.

So here is where the trouble starts. While talking to the flower girls mother FI best friends 10 year old daughter overheard and screams "I want to be flower girl". I explained to her we had already asked the neice.
I get a call from the 10 year old parents saying she is really upset and would like to be apart of the wedding. OK I tell them, she could be a junior bridemaid and I would send her the info on the dress and to wear whatever white shoes she wanted. The mom FLIPPED! You are paying for the other bridemaid dresses (let me remind you they are MY teenage daughters) and the flower girl, you should pay for all the dresses.

These dresses are only $50 (and I have spent my budget) and the wedding is still 5 months away. Not to mention that they basically pushed her into the wedding. 

I said well anything that she would do to be apart of she would need a dress in our colors, and the mom hung up on me.   

Now what do I do? We aren't doing programs or ushers or anything like that. So basically can anyone think of a job at a wedding that a 10 year old could do?
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