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Easter dresses for flower girl dresses?

I was wondering if this would considered tacky. Would anyone else do it? I saw some pretty dresses and I am oneof those budget-concious people who always look for practicalities.

Re: Easter dresses for flower girl dresses?

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     Thanks. My nieces are twins and will be three at the time of my wedding. I don want their parents to shell out nearly 400 for FG dresses from a boutique. Sine my weddingis next year March 17th, I think its safe for me to get them then. Easter is4/08 next year, so if dresses are out now, they will be out then. thank you all
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    I was thinking this, too (as I passed all the cute Easter dresses in JC Penney's today). Unfortunately, I think it will be better to wait a few more months to know what size to buy.

    But if you don't mind white/ivory FG dresses, Penney's seems to carry some year-round, at least online. They often go on sale for about $40.
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    I'm pretty sure our FG's dress was a First Communion dress.  It was bought at JC Penney's.  No one knew.
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    I got my FG dress from Burlington for $30. I just couldn't see my SIL paying an insane amount for a dress for her to wear once.
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    A fantastic idea. You can find great dresses not only at Easter but also at Christmas time. I got DD a cute pink, black and white dress at a department store for $24 last year around Thanksgiving. I just got her a cute pink dress during Easter sales. Either one would make a great FG dress.
    Also, check Target and even Kmart. I see gorgeous dresses at Target all the time and I have a friend with two little girls who is super fashionable and a wedding planner who SWEARS by Kmart.
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    I got a clearanced christmas dress from target for my FG its super cute its gold and cream swirls...its just super cute not super christmas-like.. go for it there are tons of cute ones!
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