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New on here...serious uneven bridal party dilemma! HELP!

So, my wedding is awhile off, not until October of next year, but I am beginning to plan now. My biggest problem so far (slightly awkward) is our uneven bridal party.

My fiance and I have been friends for years and we have a TON of mutual friends. The only problem is, I am more of a guy-friend type of gal. The majority of my friends are guys! There are only three girls that I would really want to be my bridesmaids.

But now, the rest of my friends are guys and want to be groomsmen for my fiance! There are at least 6 of our male friends that we really want to be in our bridal party. What do I do!!! I don't want us to be standing at the altar looking uneven!

Suggestions please?!!
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