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Problems with Best Man?

We're having a very casual wedding party. My fiance is buying a suit and wearing a green tie to match the wedding colors, my sister will be my MOH, wearing a green dress I bought her for $100. My daughter is wearing a dress made by my fiance's grandmother, in white. Everything's going smoothly on the wedding party side, except for the Best Man.
Firstly, since I bought my sister's dress, my fiance offered to buy his Best Man a suit. All well and good, but the suit his BM picked out costs $300. Not only that, but he'll end up being WAY over-dressed compared to the Groom. He wants a vest, a cummerbund, and a tie, all in green with silver stripes .. the whole shebang.
Might I add that I bought my sister's dress because she's raising three children, working full-time making minimum wage, and going to school full time, and her fiance lost his job a week before we went shopping. The BM has one child, and he and his wife both work, making decent wages. My sister is also planning on paying me back at least half of the dress price once they get back on their feet, the BM considers his suit a gift.

How should I deal with this situation? Any suggestions?
Crystal and Michael --- *Budget - $5000 *Guests - 100-125 *Location - NW Ohio *Date - August, 2011
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