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Bridal Party issues... help!?! Sort of long... sorry

Okay, so I have been engaged for a year now.  I am getting married six months from today (yay!).  Anyway, so I did a stupid thing and right after I got engaged I asked five of my closest friends to be bridesmaids... In hindsight, I probably should have waited a little bit.  So here is my dilemma...

I asked my college roommate of two years to be my last bridesmaid.  We were super close in college and I got engaged about nine months after I moved to another city for graduate school.  We moved at the same time to the new city, however I chose not to live with her because of differences in cleaning habits and the fact that at one time she owed me $600.  Once we didn't live together though she sort of stopped coming over to hang out.  Said the drive was too long or she was busy...

So... now she is a bridesmaid and in the last year I have only seen her twice.  Once to pick out dresses in May and then again in January to try them on... So here is the problem.  Every time we had set up to meet up in the meantime something came up or she was just a no show.  I paid for her dress in August and she still hasn't paid me back.  I need to get the shoes ordered and she won't answer my messages.  And... her dress no longer fits because she has gained 50 lbs in the last year and a half.  She swears she is going to start loosing weight but at this point my wedding is in six months... I'm getting nervous.

So, my question is, what do I do?  I had a personal attendent that can no longer come to my wedding due to an important family conflict.  Would I be a total bridezilla to ask my bridesmaid to be my personal attendent instead?  She is super organized and I know she would do great at that.  Any advice would be wonderful because I feel guilty or disloyal or something...

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