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His sisters as my bridesmaids???

Hi All,

I am in a bit of a dilemma here... Fiance and I have discussed our bridal party and we are about to have our engagement party soon.  I know that it seems to be customary to ask the sisters of the fiance to be bridesmaids, however I don't necessarily want to do that.  I am fairly close with his 2 sisters, but they are older and I really wanted my super-close friends to be my BM's.  Is it rude of me not to ask them to be my BM's?  I already discussed this with my fiance and he has confidently said that he wants me to be happy and would not be offended in the least if they were not part of our bridal party.
Opinions?  Am I a bad person if I don't ask them?!

Thank You!
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