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Special Job for Bridesmaid?

I recently had to decide between my two best friends for MOH title. One friend is very wedding happy and calls to ask me what I'm workin on with the wedding, asks to go to appointments, etc. The other is in sort of a man-hating stage in her life. And while she is happy for me, she just isnt into weddings. I didn't want to ask her to be my MOH because I didn't want to be swamping her with MOH duties and constant wedding talk. I didn't want her to dread talking to me! We discussed it a bit, and she said she didn't really care about being a MOH and wouldn't be offended if I asked any of the other girls to be my MOH. So I went ahead and chose my other wedding-happy best friend, and she was estactic (I am stilll very glad I asked her, she's amazing). However, afterwards I noticed my bm seemed a bit down, and when I prodded, she admitted she was just a little sad because she realized she'd probably never be anyone else's MOH (I'm really her only close girlfriend). So we talked about it, and while she admits she doesn't really want to be a MOH, she just wants to do something special for me.

Now I'm having a terrible time thinking of a way for her to do something special and a way for me to honor her! I'm having a private ceremony, followed by a large reception. I would like to find something for her to do at either or both. The only thing I could think of is doing a reading, but she is terrified of public speaking! I also don't want to take any special duties away from my MOH. Help please!
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