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Gift ideas for ring bearer and flower girl???

We are having one ring bearer and one flower girl in our wedding.  They are both 7 years old - too old for the teddy bear/piggy bank gift ideas that I've been seeing.  Does anyone have gift ideas for 7 year old child attendants?

Re: Gift ideas for ring bearer and flower girl???

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    mbcdefgmbcdefg member
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    What do they like? Books, stuffed animals, sports/outdoors stuff, coloring, science, music, cartoon characters, etc.?
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    I"d like to start off by saying you're never to old for a teddy bear.

    However on that note- find out what they are into.... hannah montana,  pokemon, harry potter, etc.... and get them stuff they are into.  you don't have to do anything too crazy 90% of my gift to my FG is hand made and without a doubt i know she'll love it. 

    Ring bearer: remote controll car, skateboard, video game, stuff dinosaur.........

    flower girl: princess stuff, play makeup set, cd, movie, doll or barbie set
       (bride barbie) or (build a bear in wedding dress)
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    Since we're getting married in November, I'm buying fleece fabric from Joann's and making them each tie-blankets (if you know what those are..). I've received 2 as gifts in the past, and I really enjoy them. 
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    [QUOTE]Since we're getting married in November, I'm buying fleece fabric from Joann's and making them each tie-blankets (if you know what those are..). I've received 2 as gifts in the past, and I really enjoy them. 
    Posted by Milsey32[/QUOTE]

    I love these! I made one for each of nieces and nephews for Christmas one year! They were a big hit!
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    I would check out the Disney store on line - often lots of things on sale- personalized items or not - but fun collectibles as well. I don't work for them but that's where I found my FG and RB stuff.

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    I got my flower girl a pink flower camera to keep her occupied at the "grown up" party. But I am giving her a necklace for a gift because that's what she said she wanted. Why don't you ask her what she would want? Trust me, kids won't hesitate to tell you what's on their list :)


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    We don't know many couples with children or have much family that has little children in the appropriate age. We did decide to use our dog as ring bearer so we are thinking raw hides. We are stuck on flower girls however, how old is too old and how young is too young?
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    Lizzy42Lizzy42 member
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    I received a necklace when I was a FG (5 years old), that I still have, and still wear. If only they were still married to each other... :)

    But seriously, little girls like to feel special and grown up, so get her something that will make her feel that way.

    I'm no help with boys!

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    We are getting our RB and FG backpacks with their names emvroidered into them. You could also do lunch bags with their names on them too. something kind of fun for a kindergartener through second grade kid. Best of luck!
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    I got my flower girls, ages 4 and 7, small versions of the bracelets I got the bridesmaids. They will think they are "cool" because they match the "big girls" :) But, they are children, so I also got them Cinderella Bride Barbie dolls.  They are adorable!! They both love the princesses, as do I haha, and I am I big fan of Cinderella as they both know, so it's a really neat way to incorporate that in.  My ring bearer will only be 1 at the time so we are not getting anything for him.
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    I'm a big education buff, So my 2 year old ring bearer is getting a book about being a ring bearer. His parents are big football fan so I will probably make him a jersey. And to keep my sisters hair were it belongs he will also be getting an activity bag. You can get totes at the dollar stores, or craft stores and I'm a puffy paint expert. I loved the idea of build a bear  with ring pillow. The dollar tree has these wine bottle sets perfect for a bear if you dont mind sewing about 3 stiches. 
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    I have two ring bearers - 4 & 5.  As well as a 6 year old who is going to be helping out with things so he doen't feel left out!  We want to get all three something more "keepsake"ish!  We looked into the little piggy banks and getting them engraved but that, with engraving, would work out to almost $60 each!  That seemed a bit steep! 
    They are not into sports, and I know I could find just a toy but that seems a bit redundant since  they all have plenty already!  They have lots of books as well but I am pondering a nice book of sorts, and then writing on the inside cover...
    Thoughts? Help!
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    When  my sister got married she gave the ringbearers coffee mugs from walgreens with a picture of them with the bride and groom and filled them with of them is now my ring bearer so i cant repeat that!!   Also my FG's 2 of them are getting a book called Lily's Big Day and its about a little girl being a FG.! 
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