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my brother is my maid of honor. is that too weird for the wedding party?

there is 1 best man, 1 gm, 1 bm and 1 moh (my brother). is it too weird that the party is made up of mostly men? should i add another girl?

Re: my brother is my maid of honor. is that too weird for the wedding party?

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    It's fine.  All that matters is that you have the people closest to you up there.

    Definitely man of honor, though.  "Maid" is a term that speficially refers to an unmarried girl.
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    I'd call him your honor attendant.  But I think, other than that detail, everything else is just fine.
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    Perfectly fine as you are now - don't add another girl just for the sake of adding more women to the WP and ditto on the "honor attendant" or "man of honor" title, though. (Skip the word maid in this case since he is not an unmarried female!)
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    My brother and I have had a deal since he and I were little - he'll be my Man of Honor, and I'll be his Best Woman. 

    And I'll have bridesmaids the day heII freezes over - SO not into picking between some of my dearest friends and my future husband's sisters, possibly slighting some of them by not choosing them, and all the drama entailed in bridal parties!  UGH! No thank you!
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    No way...I myself am having a "bridesman"!!!
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