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Bridesmaids redo? (Long)

I was so excited when I got engaged that I as I made the phone calls the next day and squealed the details to my best friends, I excitedly exclaimed to them... "AND YOU'RE A BRIDESMAID!!!"

The problem is I did not know a thing about getting married or wedding etiquette. I was just so happy, I never asked my three bridesmaids if they wanted to be in my wedding party. I just assumed. Now, in hindsight I am embarrassed that I didn't ask.

Has this happened to anyone? I did laugh with them after the fact that I didn't ask. I am very close to each of them like a sister, so the fact they would be my BP was a given. No one seemed to mind... one even said she thought it was cute. I can't help but wish I could take back the moment and ask them each in a special way. I feel like I messed up the experience. I wish there was a way to rewind and redo! Any suggestions on how I can reclaim the experience?

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