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advice please, save the date scratch off

Okay so my Fiance is letting me pick everything I want.  I wanted something different for our Save The Dates so I found some scratch offs.  I'm planning on just attaching a magnet on the back of the card so this way the guests can stick it on the fridge or something so it won't be thrown out.  What do you think? Is this pretty tacky of attaching a magnet behind the card?
these are the ones we ordered
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Re: advice please, save the date scratch off

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    I don't think it's tacky, but it will probably be a waste of time because people will still throw them out.

    I would pull the magnet off and recycle the STD after the wedding.  I would only hang onto it if it had a photo.  People will use the magnets they already have to stick it on the fridge.
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    ha - I was like "scratch off?  Like a lotto ticket?"  But now I get it and I think it's kinda cute!

    If you put a magnet on the back, definitely put them in an envelope.  Most STDs I've gotten recently have had magnets on them.  My sister's is hanging on my fridge right now.  If it didn't hang up on its own, I'd probably put it underneath another magnet until an invitation came.  But, I'm annoyingly organized liked that...
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    Why would it be tacky?
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    we used scratch off's and everyone loved them! we didn't attach a magnet to them though, but it's a good idea.
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    No, it's not tacky.
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    I throw save the dates away as soon as I write the date on my calendar.  No amount of scratchiness would cause me to save them.  But no, they aren't tacky.
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    Okay so I did attach magnets on them and everyone seems to like them! :) thank you all for your advice!
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    It's not tacky, but some people will still toss them.
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