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Bridesmaid dresses (kind of long)

So when I went this saturday to look at wedding dresses I ended up with a dress! haha but that aside my I was talking to my cosoltunt about how there was this bridesmaid dress I really like but the designer was located at least 2 hours away from where anybody lives. I couldn't remember the designers name but I told her it was a flared skirt so she asked my colors went down stairs and brought a flared skirt dress and a straight skirt dress the flaired skirt dress was just a beautiful color of purple and was just super adorable! My sister was with me and so I had her try it on and it was even more adorable!!

 the onyl problem with the dress is that I am kind of worried how it will look on my other girls, my sister is very slim and doesn't have as big of boobs as the other girls, you can get straps on the dresses so for the other 4 who are still slim but have bigger boobs (the smallest set is DD) but my last bridesmaid is a little more of a bigger all around, I mean she not huge but is defintly a good 30 -40 lbs overweight. This dress is also at the home town so everyone would have acces to it even the one that lives 3 hours away because she comes home for holidays and stuff. but anyway the original one I liked I liked because i thought it would really flatter everyone and I even posted a pic on facebook and everyone loved it. But since it's so hard to get i'm worried about that plus I don't know the price and the ones at home are 140 which since the girls are buying there own I thought wasn't to bad and my sister would also get a second use out of hers because she would have a winter formal and my other girl is also still in high school.

so the question is the one that every one loves thats hard to get or the one I think is super adorable easy to get I know the price of but uneasy of how it will fit everyone else besides my sister.
 Pics below the Yellow one is the original and the purple one is the hometown one.

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