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What are nice bridesmaid gifts?

Any suggestions on nice bridesmaid gifts instead of necklaces or bracelets???

What is really the typical bridesmaid gift?


Re: What are nice bridesmaid gifts?

  • Nice bridesmaid gifts are ones that are individually selected based on the tastes of your BMs, rather than things that are related to the wedding, matchy-matchy, or "typical."
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    Shop like it's their birthday.  This is a thank you for standing up with you on your wedding day.  Take the BM out of it and shop for the individual.  
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  • I just got done wrapping mine!  I got all my girls matching jewelry...BEFORE the knotties set me straight, but I ended up keeping it and just adding to it.  My one friend always wears gold hoops, so that's what I got her.  My MOH just went off to college so I got her a very bradley tote and some Paris stuff since we love Paris.  Two others I got them framed sayings since they love that type of stuff.  And the other two I got them gift cards to restuarants, since once works tons of hours just to pay her bills and the other has 3 kids and rarely gets out.  I thought it would be a nice treat for both of them.  I also got those two caramel pocorn from our favorite place in Ocean City Maryland (I just had it shipped today!!) since that's where we vacationed when we were young.

    Just think about what they would like and go with that.  I put lots of thought into mine and I hope that they all love their gifts!!

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  • I agree with PP to shop like it there birthday. My 4 BM range from age 11 to 36, so they are for sure not all getting the same thing. I think they will really like it, if you got them each something different. Unless, they don't all get along and one will think that someone else got a "better" gift then the other. 
  • I got one of mine Betsey Johnson PJs and a Betsey Johnson tote (we both love Betsey Johnson:))
    The other two I am undecided but I'm thinking a bottle of their favorite perfume, maybe a sushi set for another..
    basically shopping like its their birthday as PPs said.
  • See bio. Shop like it's their birthday.
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  • Customize their gifts, my MOH loves to sit by the pool and loves drinking so I am getting her a pink flask from here (the knot) with her initial which is what she likes to go by and a striped cooler from

    If I was in BP, I would LOVE a basket, ex: a spa basket (massage g card, robe, slippers, eye mask, bath salts). Coffee lover: Starbucks basket (coffee mug, spoon, cookies, coffee bags, sugar)
  • I went to the coach outlets and got each girl a bag in her favorite color.  They LOVED them!

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  • Nice bridesmaid gifts are the same as nice Christmas or birthday gifts.
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  • I got all of my girls Vera Bradley duffels and filled them with stuff like shower gels, a loofah, monogrammed stationary, gift bags from Sephora, etc. I also wrote them each a long and personal thank you card. They all told me they loved them!
  • That really depends on your BMs.  I got bear shaped silicon cupcake bakers and cookie cutters including a dinosaur and a dog bone for one (see bio).  Obviously that wouldn't fly with everyone.
  • Oh you gals are really helpful.  Thanks so much.  Now... to make some time for shopping!!  :o)

    Good luck everyone!
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