Wedding Party

kids in the wedding party?

i want my nieces and nephews to be part of the wedding. i have my sister as my maid of honor, my best friend and future sister-in-laws as bridesmaids along with my 4 nieces.and my 2 youngest nieces as flowergirls, i know thats a lot of girls but i dont know how else to get them it ok to have them as bridesmaides and to have that many? also the guys that my nieces would be paired up with are older then them is that ok? and my sister being the maid of honor has her own dress and the bridesmaid will have a different one but the same color,my sister suggested to have the older bridesmaid in one dress and my nieces in another....what do you think? i dont know 3 different types of dresses would look good? please help!
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