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Davids Bridal Rant

I don't know if it is a Michigan thing, but Davids Bridal is absolutely HORRIBLE out here! (And I have been to three different stores. The only reason I went through them is because they are the cheapest and have stores through out the state. When I was in my cousins wedding, they were so rude to her she started to cry at the store. Then, during my cousin Kim's wedding, they canceled our dresses and didn't let us know! 

Now, with my wedding, I took two of the bridesmaid's to pick out their dresses and have their information recorded. They are poor college students and my aunt was going to go in and purchase the dresses for them. (I talked this over with her and offered to pay). Then, the sales woman, thought we were in there for fun and ignored us most of the visit. The owner even came over and helped us more than her. Then, the sales woman asked if I "really wanted" their information written down, or if this was for fun. I explained it again, and yet, when my aunt went in there today to purchase the dresses, there was no information recorded.

I'm so effing ticked.
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