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BM/MOH issue

it's been interesting to read everyone's responses to the BM drama on here, so I thought I would get some input for a couple of my issues...

So, for starters my MOH (the friend who I've known the longest) has basically been MIA for about the past 2 months. The other BM's and I got together 2 mo ago for them to try on dresses, and she didn't show up (even tho we had confirmed 2 days before). When I called her, she said she had forgotten, but felt awful. I was irritated, but understood that "stuff happens"... Fast forward about 2 weeks later, we had made plans to hang out, and then 1 hour before we were supposed to meet, she texted me and cancelled... Then, another get together was planned, confirmed the week before, then no response to any of my messages the days before or the day of. Now, I truly am irritated. I'm not sure what to do...

Second, I don't want a bridal shower, but I do want to go to Vegas for my bachelorette party (I live in Phx)... I've have already realized that I will be planning this on my own (I'm pretty type A, so that's not too much of a big deal), but one of my BM told me that she'll only be able to pay $200 total for the entire weekend... Then (in the same breath), she proceeded to tell me about an upcoming trip to Vegas with another friend of her's who's apparently driving them there and paying for their hotel. Is it completely unreasonable that I will not be paying everyone's way for my bachelorette party? I'd like her to come, but I can't afford to be paying for everyone (and then my wedding and honeymoon a month later!)

Please help! (Sorry so long!)
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