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Do I need a ring bearer?

I'm not sure if I'll be able to have one because I don't know any little boys. I've considered having a cute stuffed bear my FH got me for Valentine's Day be pulled down the aisle in a wagon, but who would pull it? And I've considered having my dog do the honors, but who would bring him then? What should I do?

Re: Do I need a ring bearer?

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    Nope.  Most people only have one if they're close to a particular kid, and the BM usually holds on to the real rings anyway.  It's not like the marriage license is invalidate without a RB, and the wedding police won't come bust the place up if you're a RB short :)
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    Lol, thanks bablingbrooke, that was fantastic. I think we may pass on the ring bearer. I just remembered that I do have a cousin with a little boy and I think he's pretty well behaved but I'm not sure if she'll be going to the wedding. I'll probably just not worry about it. Thanks everyone!

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    Tonya:  I answered you on the ceremonies board, and then gave a f/u suggestion.  GL
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    If you don't have any kids that you really want involved in the wedding, I'd skip it. Not a necessity :)
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