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BM rant

So one of my bridesmaids is really starting to piss me off... 

1st off she got pissed at me because I didn't make her my MOH when she felt entitled... 

2nd all 3 of them came to go dress shopping with me and she separated herself the whole weekend, and didn't hang out with us and make snarky comments about how I needed to add another bridesmaid because 3 is an uneven number... 

3rd I have a hair stylist who is going to do our hair for relatively cheap and she goes well I'm going somewhere else because they'll charge me less... which I guess I shouldn't be mad about but it's just another way to separate herself from us... 

I just wish she wanted to hang out with everyone and take part in all the pre-wedding stuff with us and not do her own thing

sorry had to rant

Re: BM rant

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    I wouldn't worry about it too much.  It doesn't matter whether or not she wants to be friends with the rest of the WP.  Maybe she is going through something, maybe she is being a snotty brat.  Try finding out. 

    As for the hair, yes it's nice for eveyone to get ready together but I mean we're all grown-ups here.  If she wants to get her hair done somewhere where she is more comfortable than so be it.  I trust my hairstylist and my hairstylist ONLY.  I'd be pretty peeved if someone asked me to get my hair done somewhere else.  Maybe I'm just being a Diva but I rather know I can trust the person doing my hair than looking like some troll on a day where a lot of pictures will be taken of me...

    As for her getting pissed about not being a MOH-wtv she'll get over it.   If she wants to keep pulling fits about it just tell you don't want to hear it and to talk to someone else.  Decision is final.
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