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Feeling overwhelmed and underhelped recently my MOH and I parted ways. Which was my choice. I asked my sister to move from being a bridesmaid to my MOH and then asked another good friend to replace my sister as a bridesmaid. I'm happy with the women who are in my party now and feel they're all really special. HOWEVER...none of them can really help with wedding projects and responsibilites leading up to the wedding(June 19, 2011).

My sister works 50 hours a week and has 4 kids, 5 and under (her husband is disabled but watches the kids).
My first BM is pregnant(got pregnant after we got engaged) and is on bedrest until she delivers in mid-April.
And the BM I just asked lives 8 hours away.

I picked these women because they're special to me so I'm not mad at their situations.... but I need a little help!  My mother recently (12/30) had surgery on her spine and she is on major physical restrictions, my future mother in law is a nice woman, but she's a teacher and is busy often and isn't very interested in the wedding details.

We can't afford a planner so I'm trying to make it all work, but i'm feeling overwhelmed, and when I do ask people to help, something always comes up. How do I tell people I'm drowning in the pre-wedding work and could use a hand without sounding like a bridezilla.
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