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I'm thinking about having a Maid and Matron of honor. I'm not sure what I should do about the ceremony as to which one would be paired with the Best Man, etc. Has anyone had two MOH's and can give me some ideas??

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    FYI: Maid = unmarried, Matron = married.  So if one is married and one is unmarried, yes you have a maid and a matron.  Otherwise you have two maids or two matrons.

    Scroll down the page and see at least 3 other postings on this topic in the past couple of days.  It's very common and very accepted.
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    Most of the time, I've seen the Best Man escort one MOH on each arm.

    Or have one stand next to you during the ceremony, and let the other be escorted by the Best Man.

    Or the two MOHs can walk side-by-side.

    It really doesn't matter. Do whatever works best for you.
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    I'm having a matron and maid of honor, and my fiance is having two best men.

    My matron of honor will walk out with the first best man, and my maid of honor will walk out with the second best man.
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    One of my good friends did that and she worked it out really well.  Her Fiance had 2 best men.  She split the duties between myself (the matron of honor) and our friend (the maid of honor).  It was a Catholic ceremony and since the maid was Catholic, she is the one who walked down the aisle right before the bride and participated in the ceremony (doing stuff at the altar, holding the boquet, etc.).  Then at the reception, my partner and I walked in right before the bride and groom and did the toasts.

    Good luck!
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    I am having my Maid go first because she has been my best friend since college and will be walking down the aisle with the best man. Then my Matron, who has been my best friend since college will be next to her walking down the aisle with my brother. I found ways to give each of them special things to do during the ceremony, like my Maid will sign my marriage license and my Matron will be doing one of the readings. They both were excited for thier "tasks" and it fit each of thier personaliities. Then at the reception they both will give a toast with the best man...and those are going to be our only three toasts.
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