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A little hurt by MOH

2 weeks ago my MOH & her H had to drop from the wedding due to some financial constraints (she ended up sick from her pregnancy, her H & daughter both were sick and ended up in the ER). A completely understandable the situation right? I told her I was ok with it & that I was not mad (although bummed). I just wanted her & her baby to be ok.

Fast forward to yesterday which was her birthday (we had a four day weekend from work due to rodeo) she & her family drive to CA & she posts all this on top it off she bought a new ipad. Upon seeing this I was hurt (I know I can't control or tell a grown adult what to do with their money. It's like she completely forgot what she told me. My FI was pretty ticked (esp since he had just splurged on the GM gift- a SB Chargers River's jersey)...which he had every intention of still giving to the dude even after the fact.

We have a sneeking suspicion that she dropped because she was uncomfortable being the PG MOH in the wedding. If she was infact uncomfortable with this situation I would've hoped she trusted me enough to tell me that instead of lying about it. Because from her post on FB it doesn't sound like they are having "financial constraints". I guess it goes to show FB isn't the place to write things you do not want people to know about.

Side note- I am not going to confront her on this...I am more or less venting. I feel a little let down by this person, since she was supposed to be my BF.

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