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Bridesmaid/ maid of honor question

My only sister is 16 and I obviously want her to be my Maid of Honor, but I have a friend who is doing a lot for my wedding without me asking. Without giving her the maid of honor title, and taking it from my sister, is there another special title I can give her?


Re: Bridesmaid/ maid of honor question

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    Don't take away your sister's title.  That would really hurt her feelings.  Just leave things as is, and make sure your friend knows how much you appreciate her.  MOH is not the winner of the "who does most for the wedding" contest.
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    Ditto PP's. I would also not "upgrade" your BM to another MOH and have two (you didn't mention doing this but just in case). That makes it seem like people can work to "earn" that title, which again, shouldn't be true.

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    The last wedding I went to had two MOHs - would that work? They actually did a speech together and it was cute. They were both just really close to the bride so the bride made them both MOH.

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    Don't use the MOH title as a reward for the best helper. Plus, I think your sister might be offended/hurt if you ask someone to be a co-MOH just because she has the resources to help you with the planning more than your sister can.

    Your friend is being nice to help you. I would take her out for dinner/drinks or maybe get her a small gift as a token of thanks. An actual show of your appreciation is much more meaningful than bestowing a title upon her ... it's not like you're the Queen and you're knighting people.
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    I'm kind of in the same boat only on the other side.  My best friend is getting married and her 18 year old sister is the MOH which was completely expected, but being 18 she cares more about prom and college than her sister's wedding.  So being the next in line I have taken over the shower/bachelorette party planning and just overall help with wedding plans.  I don't want my friend to take the MOH title away from her sister.  Just acknowlegement of everything I'm doing and a "Thank You" is plenty for me.  Hope that helps!   
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    I agree with people.  You have a great friend there!   I was like your friend except I was just the personal attendant and I did the shower, and helped out with lots of planning.  I didn't mind that I wasn't MOH or even in the wedding I just helped her out because I wanted to.  

    Leave things as is, let your friend know how much you appreciate her, you could always take her out to a nice dinner to show your graditude.
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