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Bridesmaid can't make it to the Rehearsal

Our rehearsal will be taking place on a Friday. So of course a work day for most people. One of my BM whom I love dearly told me yesterday that she had asked for that Friday off from work and it was granted to her but then her boss went and scheduled his vacation that week because he forgot that she wouldn't be there that Friday. So because her boss forgot, she now has to work that Friday and won't be able to leave until late afternoon and she lives 2 1/2 hours away. Because of this she won't be able to make it to the rehearsal.

IMO that is fine. It's something that is out of her control and if she can't make it then she can't make it. We have a day of coordinator and I was thinking that she could go through everything with her at the ceremony location that Saturday morning. My FI on the other hand is totally freaking out about it and feels like there is too much that she will miss out on at the rehearsal and doesn't think there will be enough time Saturday morning for the BM to be given the run down because everyone will be getting ready and setting up. He thinks that I need to tell the BM that she needs to basically tell her boss "tough luck but I have somewhere I need to be and I can't work that day".

I mean all she has to do is know where to start, where to walk, and in what order. There isn't much to it. I don't feel like it is any of my business to know what she works out with her boss or how she handles it. Plus the wedding is still over 5 months away so there is plenty of time for her work schedule to change but am I right for not wanting to force her to be at the rehearsal dinner or should I just tell her she has to be there and she needs to work it out?

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