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Our parents have been very helpful in planning our wedding and we want to get them something nice and unique. I'm planning to make them scrapbooks of the wedding for Christmas, so I don't want to do picture frames or anything like that. I'd love suggestions!!
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    Maybe a nice bottle of wine and wine glasses? My FILs like to drink wine so that is what I plan to get them.
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    We got my parents a weekend at a really nice bed and breakfast in Paso Robles.  I think something like this shows you took the time to think about what they would really like, rather than just buying them something for the sake of it.  Think of something they like to do together and try to incorporate that.  Like if they like eating out, get them a gift card to a nice restaurant they wouldn't normally go to.
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    We are scanning in all of the old family photos and then buying them digital picture frames and putting all of the pictures on an SD card so they can have all of their photos scanning in their house all of the time.
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    I know that this is not the most budget-friendly suggestion, but you could do what I'm doing--the cost can really vary depending on what you pick.

    I'm getting jewelry for both my parents--something from Tiffany's for my mom, an engraved watch for my dad. I want them to have something they can keep that isn't a picture and isn't an activity (i.e., you cant' look at it later and think of us!)

    Good luck!
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