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WHat to do about my wedding party?

So I have some REALLY great, great friends and I have some friends who have a good heart, but are just not the ones there for me. I'm having trouble deciding on the wedding party because of this one in particular. We've been friends for YEARS and her parents are like my second set of parents, but for the last 2 years she has been struggling with things in her life and has been just very imature while the rest of us have grown up. Since being engaged, the only communication she's had with me is through FaceBook....not called once. She's the only one. Every other friend has done the calling and screaming thing, but not her. I'm going to invite her family to the wedding, so I'm feeling like I should have her in it based on principle, like we've ALWAYS been friends. But her actions lately are making me feel like she's not in the right place right now.

Re: WHat to do about my wedding party?

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    Who would you call at 3am to help you bury a body?

    That's your wedding party.  It should be a knee-jerk reaction based on who you're currently closest to.  If you have to talk yourself into asking someone, you shouldn't ask them.

    But ditto malphabet.  Not calling you to gush over your engagement doesn't mean she's a bad friend.
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