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Having informal wedding, should I have informal wedding party?

I am having an informal wedding & reception. A sunday ceramony, not longer than 30 min, and lunch. Its all in one ballroom location. Would it be stupid to ask all my sisters to be bridesmaids? (there are 4).  I just feel stupid to ask them to stand up if its only for a half hour and thats it. Also my groom only wants 2 best men and no grooms men.... throwing off my even count ( which I am fine with). Please give me your thoughts! thanks!

P.S.There will be around 300 people there

Re: Having informal wedding, should I have informal wedding party?

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    You can have as many attendants as you want, and your BMs and GM numbers don't have to match up.  I think a half an hour is a pretty common ceremony length, so having attendants is completely appropriate. 

    If you're trying to keep it informal and easy, you could suggest a color and length of BM dresses and let your sisters pick their own.  That should be fairly stress free!  GL!
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    No, it wouldn't be stupid.  Most ceremonies are really not very long.  And uneven sides are fine. 
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    Uneven sides are fine, so are attendants for short ceremonies.  4 female attendants for a gathering of 300 is definitely acceptable.  Include the people you want up there with you the most. 
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    1. Uneven sides don't matter, and becoming more and more common now, so don't let it stress you.
    2. Ceremonies aren't as long as you may think, unless they are a particular religious one. Ours will run about 30 minutes, and we have bridesmaids/groomsmen.
    3. Formality, IMO, is irrelevant.
    4. BMs/GMs are there to stand up for you and your fiance'. They are there because they are proud of you and your relationship. They support you through this change in life and want to be a part of that union of two people that are perfect for each other (yeah, sorry, I'm a sap at times ;) ). If you want to have BMs/GMs to stand up for you on your day, do it!! I doubt they'll think it's silly, but an honor.
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    The only thing that makes a wedding party formal or informal is their attire. It doesn't have anything to do with the amount of people up there, or their gender.

    As for the length of the ceremony, I've found that most wedding ceremonies aside from Catholic Nuptial Masses are usually 30 minutes or less. So a 30-minute ceremony is not at all unusual or unformal. And an hour-long Catholic ceremony could certainly be part of an informal wedding.

    So in terms of formality/informality, it just depends on the overall style of the event (elegant sitdown lunch or dinner, casual picnic, cake and punch, etc.) and the wedding party's attire. Don't worry about the other stuff.
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    We'll be having a formal wedding but I'm having the same dilemma. My fiance and I have decided to have both our siblings as the core of our wedding parties - my sister and his sister on my side, his brother and my brother on his. From there, I have 4 other girls who would be bridesmaids and he has only one or two friends he wants to include. I have already decided not to have matching dresses as a way to make it a little non-traditional - whether I have 2 or 4 - and I'm not concerned at all about having uneven sides but my fiance seems to be uncomfortable about it.

    I agree that the most important thing is to have the people around you who you want on that day and who mean the most to you. Don't worry about symmetry, convention, silliness etc... make your wedding whatever you want it to be.
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