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Picking Maid of Honor

I have been slightly stressing for the past couple days about picking a maid of honor- at first I wasn't going to have a maid of honor simply because it was easiest and wouldn't offend anyone..BUT one of my bridesmaids is doing so much more work than all the others are and she's really been so helpful and I feel like thats the definition of your maid of honor, the part I am having issues with is that I "was" best friends with my other bridesmaid most of my life up until I moved about 4 years ago and since then we haven't talked too much or seen each other a lot, but I feel like she still would be my maid of honor if I had to choose one so basically I just don't want to offend her by choosing someone else in her place but I also want to give a due title to my bridesmaid who is doing so much work for me. Ekk.. what would you do?

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