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Being unreasonable about a bridesmaid not making it to rehearsal?

While I would have loved for my rehearsal to have been Friday evening, it did not work out that way with the venue. We will have to have rehearsal Thursday evening.

I'm planning my wedding in my hometown about 3 hours away and one of my bridesmaids also lives here. When I told her she said that she (and her boyfriend) had take Friday off but wouldn't leave town until 6 or 7, putting them in my hometown very late. 

Here's the thing, she teaches school and if she would leave right after school let out and came down by herself she could make it for a 7 pm rehearsal. I understand they would prefer to come in one car and save gas and have one less night in the hotel room, but she hasn't even offered to make this sacrifice. She hasn't had to pay for anything (I paid for all my bridesmaids dresses) AND I even told her she didn't need to make a trip down there for my bridal shower since I know money does get a bit tight and it's a bit long just for an afternoon.

Am I feeling unreasonable about this? I haven't tried to talk to her about if she would, by herself, would come down because when we were having this conversation over texts I just didn't want to get into it.

Any nice way someone could think to ask her to make the sacrifice to come down early? We'll manage if she doesnt, anyone can walk down an aisle, it's just I haven't asked her for anything yet except opinions on bridesmaids dresses.
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