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I know I am probably overthinking this, and I know there is probably no "correct" way, but how did you ladies determine the order that your wedding party stood at the ceremony?  

The BM and MOH will stand closest to us, and without consciously thinking about it, I basically put our other attendants in order by height when planning the ceremony.  However, my mom says that attendants should be put in the order of who is closest to you.  I think it seems kind of crappy to rank your wedding party, but perhaps there is some tradition behind this.  Any insight is appreciated!

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  • I just figured we would do it by height but my FI wants his brothers to be right after his BM. So their bridesmaid "partner" will be in the same spot on the opposite side.
  • I'm not doing matchy bridesmaid dresses so once I see what dresses they're wearing I'll just arrange them by what looks best :) 
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  • It's entirely arbitrary.  We sorted ours out a couple of hours before the ceremony; I figured it would look best to have my brother on the end on my side, and my younger sister was the only one to pick a long dress, so I warned her not to get butt-hurt if I put her on the end as well.  So family ended up on the outside and friends on the inside.
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