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MOH Nightmare

   My sister is my Maid of Honor, my sister and I have not always gotten along. She often feels as though I am accusing her of something when I am not.  She views the world in rose coloured glasses, and feels she can do no wrong. 

   My shower is being planned for july, and I have 2 other bridesmaids. However my sister has decided to run the show and tell the other two what to do, and has offered them no chance to give insight.  I have spoken prior to this particular event and told her I expect everyone to be treated fairly, and she freaked. So I went through my mother this time, and my mother states that my sister is having no help from them.
  I am not sure how to address this or what to do! HELP

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    Do nothing. You are not supposed to be involved in shower planning. This seems to be between them. Bridal events can be thrown by anyone. It seems that your sister is throwing this one so she doesn't have to ask for BM input.

    The other side to this is that she should not be asking for money(and i'm not saying she is) from them if she isn't getting them to plan/host. Stay out of it for now. If a BM comes to you later complaining about how she all of the sudden wants $x.xx for the shower than just say, "well don't pay it since you weren't asked to plan with her."

    Also, have the other two actually come to you complaining or are you just offended by this?
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    If you've never really gotten along, I don't see why you expected her to be a pleasant person now that you're getting married.

    I understand that you don't want your friends to be hurt, but it's not your place to interfere with the shower plans. They're all adults, right? So they should work this out amongst themselves, and you shouldn't have to go running to your mother to straighten things out. Your friends need to stand up for themselves if they feel that they are being mistreated. It's not appropriate for you to get involved in the shower plans because it is very rude for the bride to have a hand in planning a shower that's held in her honor.

    Don't get involved. Stay out of it. If anyone comes to you and starts complaining, ask them to please work it out amongst themselves, because it would be rude for you to get involved in the shower plans, and remove yourself from the conversation.
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    stay out of it. I wouldn't want that extra stress. If they're adults, they can handle it.
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    This is not your fight.  
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    This isn't really an MOH issue or a nightmare. One adult is planning a party and not letting two other adults help in the way they want to. The grown ups can take care of this by themselves, without your input or your mom's. If your friends come to you, just tell them that you're staying out of it. If they're unhappy with the decisions your sister is making, they don't have to help her host.
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