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Bridesmaid Concerns - Please Help

Hello -

I have a bridesmaid that is kind of a procrastinator. She waited until the last week possible to order her dress. Unfortunetely, the color I wanted for the dresses is discontinued so there was a time restraint, but I did give them several months notice and I let them pick their own dresses so they could pick within their budget.

The problem is that my consultant called me today to tell me that she ordered her dress 4 sizes too small. I know she is trying to lose weight, but so far she told me she has only lost 12 pounds and my consultant told me that going down even one dress size requires a weight loss of approx 24 pounds. I am farly certain that she will not be able to fit into her dress considernig the wedding is only 3 months away.

I don't want to embarass her by confrontnig her about this. Should I just go with the flow and if the dress doesn't fit, let her wear something else? She won't match and I really don't want her to feel embarassed, but since the time limit for the dresses has passed, there's nothing else I can really think of to do.

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