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Mother walking down aisle

My brother is one of the groomsmen.  Should he walk my mother down the aisle and then go back for his bridesmaid?  Or should my mother's boyfriend walk her down the aisle?

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    There's no wrong way to do this, as long as everyone involved is happy.  Why not ask your mother who she wants as her escort?  There's no law that says it has to be her son.  If she does want it to be him, then yes, he would double back to take his place in the processional.
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    Ask your mom who she would like to escort her.

    If she wants your brother to do it, an alternative could be that you have the GM up at the front for the processional and only the BMs walk.  So your brother would walk her down and stay at the front.  There's nothing wrong with him going back up to escort a BM though.
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    Your plan is exactlyy what we did at DD's wedding.  Our son escorted me down the aisle, then went back for his place in the WP processional. 
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    My brother was a groomsman. He escorted our mom down the aisle and then stayed up front with MH and the best man. The two bridesmaids walked down the aisle solo.
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    Ask her. My Mom wanted the BM to escort her down the aisle to her seat since my Dad had obviously walked me down the aisle. Then our BM went back for the MOH. He was a busy guy, but it worked out just fine.

    MIL and FIL walked together down the aisle, that is how they wanted it, but of both sets of our parents are still married.
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