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Does Ringbearer need a pillow?

Does the ringbearer need to carry the rings on a pillow? Can he carry up a bag with the rings in them? Any insight?

Re: Does Ringbearer need a pillow?

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    The role of the ring bearer is to look good.

    If you want to have something to carry, he can carry something.  He does not have to carry anything.

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    Yes.  If you don't have a ringbearer and/or he doesn't carry a pillow, your marriage will not be valid.  Trufax.
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    We had our ring bearer carry a small ring dish I bought on Etsy.  The dish now sits on our dresser and H uses it for his wedding band when he's not wearing it.
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    My ringbearer has special needs and is not able to carry anything.  He's really just there because we love him and want him to be a part of the wedding.  The best man is going to have the rings instead.  I doubt anyone will even notice when they see how cute my little ringbearer will be :)

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    nope - the ring bearer can carry (or not carry) whatever you want him to. 
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    Yeah, I was actually wondering about other options as well. All of the pillows I have seen are really frilly, and in IMO, it's kind of weird to have a ring bearer carrying a fluffy lace pillow, and sort of weird to have a huge accessory to place tiny rings on. I like the bag idea. What kind of bag? A plastic Publix bag? That would work...


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    I have a  little felt bag/pouch from the jeweler...thought that would be sufficient instead of a pillow.
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    In the majority of weddings, the RB doesn't actually carry the real rings anyway.  Those are safely under the control of the best man, MOH, or officiant.

    He can hold whatever you want him to.

    Good luck to you.
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