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sister left out of WP

im one of four girls, and my sister bride only asked my one sister to be in her bridal party. So me and another sister were left out. im hurt because the bride sister did not explain it/tell us herself...we found out 3 months after the fact by our mother. Sister bride told us when she got engaged that it would be us 3 sisters in her WP. Instead, she has asked a co-worker whose mom is in the wedding business and has connections/discounts. 

Im undoubtedly closest to the bride sister. in age/geography/socialize/talk the most. my mother is really upset and doesn't understand the choice either. my sister who was also not chosen is not planning on going to the wedding. we think she chose her co worker based on money and my one sister because she is also plus size (like the bride and the co worker). 

what do i do? clearly my sister is avoiding a confrontation...and i dont want to part of the WP at this point because im so confused/hurt and I dont want to ruin her day. But I also dont fell wanted. help!
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