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Friend carry down flower girl?

Hi all! 

My fiance and I will have a 9 month old daughter by the time of our wedding...we would like to have her as flower girl. 

However, we also really want the bridesmaids to be escorted down the aisle by the groomsmen....which doesn't leave open arms to carry our daughter.

Would it be weird to ask a close friend, who is not in the wedding party, to carry her down the aisle and sit with family in the first pew during the ceremony? Obviously I would get her a thank-you gift for participating. 

I don't want her to be offended about not being included in the wedding party (we are doing just family). 

I know some people who can't include everyone in their wedding party might ask a friend to do a reading at a ceremony, which I view as an honor...would this "job" be considered an honor or a BS job? Also, since she will likely be in pictures during the ceremony...would I ask her to wear wedding colors? I definitely don't want to tell her what to wear....but don't know if she would want to look uniform with the flower girl dress....I don't know.

To avoid this awkwardness I am also just thinking about asking her to be a BM and just have uneven sides...which I am okay with...but I don't know if that would be strange to have just family, plus one friend. 

I don't have any other family options to carry her down....but if everyone thinks this is a bad idea I could always ask my mom to carry her down with her....

I haven't made any decisions yet, just trying to get a feel for what the popular opinion on this is! 

Thanks everyone!

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