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Groom has 6 people I have 4 :/

Ok so, my fiance decided that he would have his closest friends. Now, this wouldn't be a problem at all except for the fact that he has 6 close friends and I do not :/
I have 4 people in my wedding party and Mike has 5 boys and 1 girl (his long time best friend). I have no idea what to do. I do not want to add random people to my wedding party just to make it even, but then again, I do not want to have it look uneven while we are taking pictures. There is no way I would ever ask him to cut anybody out of the party, I'm not crazy like that, lol!

Either I am WAY over thinking this or I really do have a problem :/ Help please! Advice????

Re: Groom has 6 people I have 4 :/

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    [QUOTE]Ok so, <strong>my fiance decided that instead of having just his two brothers in his wedding party he would cut them out and have his closest friends. Now, this wouldn't be a problem at all</strong>
    Posted by dancer4sure[/QUOTE]
    Unless his two brothers have tried to break up your relationship, sleep with you, or do something grievous to a family member, that's actually really poor.
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    My friend was married in May. She had 5 bridesmaids and he had 3 groomsmen. Her photos are amazing. Even the pics with all the bridal party members. You just need a talented, creative photographer. He didn't line them all up in a standard pose. Instead he strategically positioned them so that the photos had balance. I have 5 BMs and my FI has 5 GMs. Big deal! You definitely don't want to ask someone "just to even things out"-that's just mean. I have a friend who experienced that and because she is so sweet, she said yes to being a BM. She knew she was a filler though because they weren't that close and it really hurt her. Plus, there are TOO many brides on here who ask about "kicking a BM out" of the wedding. Don't choose someone and then regret it because like everyone has said, once you ask her it's a done deal.
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    thanks for all the advices and just to clear things up, no he didnt ask his brothers and then change his mind. he had not even asked anyone yet, so this was all decided without any one of his friends or brothers knowing. His brothers have not been supportive of him in his life, so honestly, I dont think he wanted them over his friends, who have always been there.
    I have not been to a ton of uneven weddings, so I had no idea that it was such a popular thing. either way, even if it did look uneven or what not, I would never have kicked any of his friends out or ask them to be an usher, I would want them in the wedding becqause Mike wants them there.

    Thanks for all the advice guyss
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    Okay, thank you for clarifying. It's just that the "cut them out" did quite sound like the decision had been made already.
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