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So here is the story, I moved about 4 years ago to a different province, about 3000km away from all of my family and friends.  We are getting married in Las Vegas, and are not doing a big wedding party or anything- just a MOH and BM. My MOH, who is my best friend and has been since forever (from back home) has offered to throw me a Bachelorette party in Vegas a few days before the wedding, where all of the female guests coming to the wedding will be invited.
My friends in the new city I live have told me they want to help with that and to give my MOH their e-mail addresses so they can help her plan it, since I don't have bridesmaids to help her. (yes I know all of this stuff is not required by a bridal party to do, but they have all offered)

So, I do not want to intrude on my MOH by offering her "help" from a group of girls she has never met, but she may want/need the help.
My question is, should I talk to her and offer her this? I do not want to hurt her feelings by making her think that I think she NEEDS the help, but, she may want the help. Or should I just let her be and let her plan it herself?
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