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sister vs best as MOH

My sister and I have not had the closest relationship growing up and while things are better there are moments I am reminded she is very different from me. My overwhelming desire for my sister to show more affection brought me to ask her to be my MOH. I talked to my best about this and she understood the situation and was very graceful about it. 

The problem gets complicated because the wedding is in southern CA where my best & other maids are, while I'm 6 hours north and my sister is in TX. My best & other maids have been amazing in helping me and have planned the bridal & bachelorette. My sister has barely made time to even message my best back about dates or give yes/no answers. I realize that my sister is busy with a lot on her plate, but I did not think she would be this frustrating. When she looked at the price of BMs dresses she complained about barely making rent after I gave her a gift card for part of her dress. 
I want to tell my sister I believe it would be better if she were just a maid and not my MOH and have my best in the role (should have gone with my 1st instinct on that). My second problem is that my best will be 5 weeks from her due date on the day and I feel she is doing  a lot with a toddler and being pregnant. 

Part of my also wants to say screw the bridal shower anyway and maybe this will be easier for my best so she can be my MOH. Any words of advice on how to tell a sister that I don't feel she's fulfilling her job even when I knew she couldn't?
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