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Okay so my matron of honor has been blowing me off lately and it's becoming exhausting to deal with. She has been my best friend for well over 10 years and I honestly don't want to fight with her, we are both really opinionated and can get really heated when confronted, but she has bailed on two small occasions related to my wedding without even so much as a phone call or even a fb message, even though she is usually always on there.

The first occasion was a bridal beauty and make up party that I won tickets to (I agree not important but she had promised she'd come along because we were encouraged to bring a couple of bridesmaids). Second was this past weekend for bridesmaid dress fittings, never mind the fact that I have one bridesmaid already upset about the dresses costing $119, but now my moh is going AWOL? *facepalm* Any advice?
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Re: MOH Drama....

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    Girl, I am going through a similar situation. and regardless of what ya'll had planned (wedding related of not)  it is NOT OK for the MOH to bail on you. And it hurts, regardless of the excuse or whatever. And getting fitted this far ahead is what you should be doing- how difficult is it to go and get measured? it takes no time at all and then its done. There shouldn't be such backlash at you for feeling upset that a friend, who you thought you could count on doesn't even tell you she isn't going to show up. Didn't you choose her to be the MOH b/c you were such close friends? that's usually the case for people. It's important to talk to her about it and have her understnad how your feeling. Communication is key. Good luck. But don't fret, your not crazy for feeling hurt and frustrated by the situation.
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