Wedding Party

When to give gifts?

I have bought two gifts for my BMs.  I bought them all matching jewelry and then did the "shop like it's their birthday" for something else.  We will all be getting together in a couple weeks.  Is it okay to give them their jewelry then and the rest of it at rehearsal/closer to the wedding?  Should I wait and give it to all of them right before the wedding?  I'm thinking if I do it sooner, then they could plan their hair pieces, etc. accordingly.

Also, any ideas for a gift for a 4 y.o. RB?  I'm giving his 2 1/2 y.o. sister (our FG) a build-a-bear dressed like a bride.  They both have lots of toys, so I was looking for something he would enjoy now but would have for a while to remember our wedding by.
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