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Paying for nail salon visit (am I doing this wrong?)

I thought it'd be fun if all the girls in the bridal party went out to get their nails done the night before the wedding. I found a place that has a great deal, so I was going to pay for it. I told each girl that I was going to treat them to the basic mani/pedi combo if they wanted. They all said yes. Now several of them are telling me they don't want to basic stuff, they want fake nails, the deluxe pedicure, etc. I don't want to pay for all that. I thought I was being generous offering to pay for the basic stuff. 

So should I have not picked what I wanted to pay for? Should I have asked each girl what they wanted to get done and then just foot the bill? I guess I can still do that. I just don't want to be rude.

And I can't have them pay extra on top of what I was going to pay. We are booking the place for a private party, so everything will be on one bill.

Re: Paying for nail salon visit (am I doing this wrong?)

  • That is extremely generous of you to treat your bp to mani and pedis.  Do they typically get acrylics?  Because if they do, a mani wouldn't really work for their nails.  But if they don't, it sounds like they are taking advantage. 
    If it is not in your budget to pay for the deluxe services be straight forward with them.  Tell them you are happy to treat them, but unfortunately you have X amount allotted for each girl.  I would hope they would understand.

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  • Your BMs are being jerks. Can you just say, I'll pay for the first X amount, which will cover the basic mani/pedi and after that, you'll have to pick up the rest. 

    Know that you're being generous and they're the rude ones. 

  • Your offer is already extremely generous and  I have no words for your friends selfish actions.  Tell them that the services being offered are take it or leave it and not up for negotiation.
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  • A bride friend of mine did this for us. It's definitely very fun!

    I have acyrilics, so I just got a polish change during the Bridal Party appointment (which is cheaper than a mani anyways). I made sure my fill was done at my usual salon before this appointment so as not to cause any undue stress to the bride.

    Your friends are being a bit rude. I like the idea of being upfront and saying what exactly you are covering.
  • that's really nice! my bridal party is all read for nails the next day but all know they are paying their own way (it's how all of us have done it for each others weddings).  you can let them know you are paying for what you told them, the basic mani/pedi and anything over PLUS tip is on them.

  • I think your friends are going a little over board and are taking advantage but I hope they are just excited and not doing it in a mean way.  I would explain to the ladies individually the situation and my advice would be to prepay at the salon so that if the ladies go beyond the mani-pedi you pre-paid for the salon can just give them their individual bill for the extra services they got.
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