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Should a groom's close female friend be my bridesmaid?

Right now my wedding is pretty far off (1.5-2 years), but my family and friends already have me thinking about invites, locations etc. My fiance's side of the family will be all be there uncles aunts etc. My side will be smaller for many reasons. I want to have his sister (who's married) and my cousin, and truest friend as my bridesmaids, but I also want to consider a close female friend of his to be a part of things, since it was through she and her sister that we met. Is it appropriate to ask her if she is not very close to me? And if I ask her do I have to ask her sister too, who I was once friends with that I know rarely see? Just a thought. I will invite both of them to the wedding regardless. I just like the tradition of all of the girls with the brides and guys with the groom. This way she can be involved in all of the girl-y fun if he wants her in the wedding party, which I am not sure he would care about really. I know ther eis plenty of time to think about it. I would just like an unbiased opinion. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed!
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