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Need another title..

My fiance's little sister hasnt been in good terms with us ever since we began dating 5 years ago- long story short, she hates me and made it clear and my shes said some awful things to my fiance over the years and they havent spoken. My sister-in-law to-be called me yesterday after having lunch with my fiance's little sister, shes still angry (more mad than sad) but was snarking about how shes not included in anything and she doesnt even want to go... my question is, do I give her a title and small responsibility in the wedding to just include her and be the bigger person? I figured she would have turned down any role I gave her but I figured I could try nevertheless.

Any ideas? Thought of guestbook attendant but thats all.

P.S. already have bridal party picked out with dresses and programs made, so I cant change any of that.

I appreciate your help!!
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