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Bad Friend Bridesmaid.... long story.... sorry

This is kind of a long-story-short. But basically... my best friend started dating this horrible horrible guy, and he monopolized alllll of her free time and she blew off all of her friends and lied about it to go and do things with him, and basically didn't give a darn about her friends. The guy is truly horrible and treats her terribly and physically and emotionally abuses her and controls every aspect of her life and her family and all of her other friends despise him.

We have been in so many fights because of the way she was when she dated him on and off and broke up every week, and it really strained our friendship and I eventually told her I didn't want her to be in my wedding if that's the kind of friend she was going to be (I also made it known that whether she was coming to/being in the wedding or not, he was not going to be invited).

Then she finally had enough of this guy... and spent a couple of months "getting over" him... and we tried to make our friendship right and I invited her back into the wedding. Recently she's seemed distracted and hasn't talked to me much and hasn't spoken her emotions about getting over him and whatnot when I asked her how she was feeling about everything... and eventually I found out that she was dating him again and hiding it from everyone.

I honestly don't even know if we are even going to be friends through this a second time around if she is going to treat her friends (and herself) the way she did and be the person she was... let alone have her in the wedding.

What should I do??
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