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Bridesmaid mistake - WHAT DO I DO? & HOW?

so this is what happened.

When I got engaged I wasn't sure who to pick for bridesmaids besides my sis. At the time all of us (older bro, his gf, lil sis, & like 6 others) were all in the same house. So, one night over drinks I asked my brother's gf to be a bridesmaid. Since then I have moved out of there and never speak to her and she doesn't ever speak to me (not in MONTHS!). I would much rather have my best friend (we have known each other since GRADESCHOOL!) be a bridesmaid along with my sister and my FI's sister (who i've known for like 8years). I do not know how to tell her. Or what to do. I don't want to assume that she doesn't expect to be a bridesmaid anymore since we haven't spoken. BUT I don't know what to do.... HELP!  :/  any advice?
BeeTeeDUBS, we can't have more than 3 groomsmen and 3 bridesmaids as per the ppl paying for most of the wedding... sooooo any advice or insight would really be nice.

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