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The Wedding Studio

Has anyone used them? I had talked to the head planner, but wanted to hear some reviews! Had a few warning bells go off (she was telling me I couldnt do certain flowers, colors, etc. I'm set on what I want thank you!) and am not too sure. My MOH and mother in law think I should keep doing it on my own. What do y'all think about wedding planners, and have you heard anything about The Wedding Studio?
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Re: The Wedding Studio

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    I have not heard anything about the wedding studio. I am a student of Events Management, and hearing her tell you that you can not use certain colors is odd, and I consider it a warning sign. Certain flowers may not be able to be used because they may not grow at the time your wedding will be happening. If you are capable of organizing all the details before the wedding, then don't hire one for anything more than the day of. On the day of, you want one to help keep you on time, deal with the vendors, guests and even decorate or run errands if you need them to. Day of is not nearly as expensive...

    The plus side to having a planner before the wedding is they often get special prices and can save some money on things for you. But if she tells you no all the time, find someone who will say yes. There are plenty out there.
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    PS... wedding wire is the place to look at reviews of the vendors. They have good ones.
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    I haven't heard anything about the wedding studio, I'll be honest.

    But I love my wedding planner, Audrey. Her company is Timeless Beginnings (http://timeless-beginnings.com/). She makes my fiance and I feel very comfortable with all the choices we make, plus she's a great listener when I just need to vent about whether we've invited too many people!  Last Sunday, our mariachis (los Mariachis Toritos) called demanding payment in full by monday and tried to change our contract w/out notifying us. She helped straighten things out and was very polite about the whole thing.

    I'm very happy I chose her because planning this whole wedding, working full time and going to school full time, would have driven me crazy!

    Hope this helps! *(And if you talk to Audrey, tell her Cathy sent you!)
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    Weird I found this but I have used The Wedding Studio they are the best, Patricia Ann is so knowledgable about anything wedding, they were my planner and I was very happy and totally recommend them, I know this post is old but I find it strange you would write something negative over a phone conversation, she was probably just giving you suggestions, I know she did for me and It was great, better ideas than I could come up with and saved me money, I got way more for my wedding with The Wedding Studio's help then I would had I done it myself So I highly recommend them, I actually used them, you probably should've taken more time with them, if you are calling a planner go in open minded their job is to give advise
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