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HOW DO I CHOOSE between my 2 best friends????

Okay, I'm sure every bride (or at least a lot of ya'll) have gone through this, but I'm having trouble deciding between friends. I think this is a horrible practice, having brides choose between her friends! Wink   My two best friends and I are like a trio. My friend Lauren and I have been friends for almost 10 years but she's kind of a flake and a little jaded towards love right now so i'm not so sure she's the one to be counting on to plan a happy bachelorette party or dragging around to bridal shows. my other best friend Erin is totally more reliable and has already helped so much with the wedding. the issue is that Erin and i have only been friends for 4-5 years now and I don't want Lauren's feelings to get hurt if I chose Erin. But, at the same time i don't want Erin to feel like I don't notice her help and appreciate it.  How do I nicely tell Lauren I'm choosing Erin? 

I really want a MOH b/c when my friend got married it was hard being her best friend and plannign the whole wedding with her and then having to stand 4th in line after her sisters who did nothing but cause drama. I was 19 then so a little more immature but i promise I handled it with grace but my feelings were still hurt so I def want a MOH so that doesn't happen.  

I have toyed withthe idea of having 2 MOH but then that'd leave my cousin as the only bridesmaid and that just screams I'M NOT GOOD ENOUGH! That would be even worse!  I could add another bridesmaid but my fiance has only 3 guys he wants to ask and that'd leave one girl out on my side.  Please help!
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