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I need advice on how to ask my 4 friends to be in my wedding party.  I've already asked my sister & cousin in person because I've always known they were in.  I have been waiting on my friends because I feel 6 is large party and wasn't sure if I should whittle it down, but I've decided there's no reason to cut anyone out because I am equally good friends with all 4 girls.

That being said, all 4 are friends from college (I'm 6 yrs out) - the type you really only see about 4-6x per year rather than getting together all the time.  But, when I see these girls, it is the most comfortable thing and it's like nothing has changed and it's so easy to talk - they have always been there for me when I needed them.  The only reason I am asking about how to ask them is that I don't want to put them on the spot (by asking them face-to-face or over the phone).  I don't know if $ or travel (just 1-2hrs driving) will be a factor for them and don't want them to feel pressured.  Also, two of them were married last year and I was not asked to be in either party, so I really hope they don't feel bad at all about that.  However, an email seems so impersonal...  I almost feel like asking in person is the best way, but preficing it with, "I don't need an answer immediately..."
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